If you still do not have any of these smart speakers in your house this post is a golden opportunity to know them. You will discover that they can fit perfectly in your type of housing and your habits without any problem. Let it these technological complements enter your stays. They will make your life infinitely easier.

smart speakers
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We are aware that smart speakers they are there. Each time more is spoken of them in any information channel. We already have some friend that he has launched to sign them. But before the idea that they become part of our life, things change. We are likely to see them as technological devices too futuristic. In a word, they are not made for us because connectivity does not work for us.

Smart speakers for any home

smart speakers
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The best news When you talk about Introduce smart speakers In a house, it is not conditioned to a model of property with high technology. They are not exclusive territory to  the domotized homes. They can be placed in your apartment with couple, in your studio or in your family home successfully secured. Landing at last in different rooms to facilitate you those daily Homeworks that are so tedious and that you can not do without.

The personal assistants of these smart speakers will discover you a new way of doing ciertas activities domestic. Or if you prefer to give you a information unpayable for your social commitments or those longed for outings to nature. The list of possibilities is long: they will allow you to see with different eyes the fact of doing Shopping list because you will do it with your voice. In the same way you will be able to know how the day starts informatively speaking without getting out of bed. OR What time will it make before raising the window of your bedroom and have to face your style of the day.

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smart speakers
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Now, when we have already given the leap to domotization Smart speakers meet a new role. With them you can achieve total connectivity in the house and with a voice command as the only tool. Awesome, right? Without Need to remote controls, mobile or tablets, ni You do not even have to resort to the use of apps. They will allow you to control all the domotic functions that you have installed at home with the sound of your voice. Maybe order that the blinds go up or down, that the lights go on of the rooms when necessary or television is activated when you come back from work without touching the command. Your assistants will do it for you and you will begin to understand that they are indispensable allies.

A great family

smart speakers
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Smart speakers have long since landed in Spain and the reality is that the offer grows at a dizzying pace. A good way to familiarize you with them is to start with the devices that are already more consolidated in the market and not venture into lesser-known models. Surely many sound or your friends are users of them and have told you about their advantages and benefits. From Google Home to the Echo Dot from Amazon or the Huawei AI Cube, etc.

To the Swedish decoration giant has joined to the boom of smart speakers. And how could it be otherwise has done with his particular vision, as one more element for interior design of modern homes. Symfonisk, as the device is called with integrated wi-fi that will hit stores this summer, it is not only integrated into domestic decoration. Actually, it goes a step further because part of the furniture itself. At first glance its appearance is that of a shelf to decorate a wall, very practical for placing small objects, without affecting the quality of their sound, and saying goodbye to the cables. A discovery that can also be controlled by voice and apparently at prices low-cost.

Some false myths

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When thinking about these wireless smart speakers false myths arise around them. The most frequent The Center your only mission be the one of provide music in a very comfortable and of course impeccable quality due to the advanced sound technology they offer. It is clear that some of these devices were born to offer authentic musical experiences in any area of ​​the house. Curled up on the living room sofa, without leaving the youth quarters or in the kitchen dining room. Apple HomePod It's just that, but also you can also inform us about traffic, sports and general news. And even control certain home automation accessories compatible with Homekit.

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The picture what do you have of them about its aesthetics neither adjusts to reality. If there is something that characterizes this generation of intelligent speakers is how beautiful are their designs. Are objects of stylized shapes or well rounded, in elegant neutral tones, sophisticated blacks or in bright colors. Thanks to it, it is not nothing complicated to integrate them into the decoration no matter how personal it is, as one more piece of any environment.

A novel friend achievable for children and adults

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Although learning is not part of its functions, it is no less true that through certain speakers smart that they incorporate screens it is possible to approach the audiovisual world, because they are able to show us images and videos. In addition, it is not true that they are economically unattainable devices, at least not all. There an interesting offer of models that do not exceed the 100 euros. That if we do not love the proposal of Bang & Olufsen, Beoplay A9. With them all are facilities and your audience does not know ages. They are great tools to entertain children and new allies for the elderly or those with reduced mobility.

Do you begin to think that you want one in your life?