Since childhood, Italy was a strong and constant point of reference for me. I could not stop listening to history classes that were in Rome where Western civilization had its cradle, I was always attracted by classical Roman mythology and, much more importantly, I was always very interested and willing to enjoy a delicious plate of screws , of hair of angel or of spaghetti, prepared to the Neapolitan, to the carbonara or to the pesto.

I remember that when I was little I was very picky with food and I rarely accepted that on my plate something different than fried chicken, fried potatoes, eggs and sausages would appear, but with Italian food all my preventions disappeared. I do not know why but a lasagna of cheese, tomato and meat is for me a divine food, perfect and unplayable.

For lovers of Italian food, like me, nothing better than the gourmet gift boxes of the Barilla Academy, one of the most recognized in terms of Italian food. The last four presentations are the Food Lovers' Classic, the Cheese Lover's Knife set, the Ultimate Bruschetta Party set and the Giada De Laurentiis. Each of the cases contains authentic culinary specialties from Italy. More information on the Website