There is a special charm in the fact of breaking the wrapping of a gift and it does not have to do with our physical energy overflowing with two slashes with the rose garden printed on the paper, but with the emotion that comes from discovering something, hidden, forever; in breaking a hermetic and "original" environment and offering its content to life.

It may seem a little outlandish this opinion but do not forget the excitement we feel when opening the case of a laptop for the first time - the one we have loved so much. That intense happiness does not re-experience even one of the infinite times when we will remove it from its case. Opening bottles of red wine or correspondence gives so much excitement and excitement how to turn on the mini chain for the first time. We want to snatch innocence and keep it in our list of stolen treasures.

Imagen 12

When was the last time we had that feeling of breaking into the fragility of something violently? When will it be next? For this last question an answer that makes an act of destruction a useful and necessary one. The FRAGILE salt and pepper shaker set, created by the Israeli designers KAHN + BOAZ KAHN, offers the opportunity to start its useful life with the creaking of the ceramics with which they are made. It is necessary to be able to use them, to separate their upper ends with a strong blow, managing to break the union that keeps them together and prevents the pieces from being used. In this case breaking builds and does not harm.

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