Rotate it is a shelf that, as its name suggests, "rotates" on itself. We will not be able to put it next to the wall since when turning it it would collide so that at least it will have to be a little withdrawn from it, as it does not occupy a more central place in the decoration.

It reminds me a little of the revolving shelves that we find in the bookstores and to which we give hundreds of laps until we get what we want although there are sensitive differences:

1. The first, aesthetically, is much more beautiful than those of the bookstores, for that it is decorative, with much more style and elegance.

2. Here we will have (most likely) fewer books than in stores. Although it depends on the love of reading each and the saturation that we make of each shelf.

3. The book that we choose will not have to be paid when leaving through the door, although we will have paid for it before, unless it is a gift.

4. When choosing a Rotate book we can let ourselves fall peacefully on the couch and start reading.

5. The fifth difference is that one of the sides has no shelves, but hangers to hang some of our objects like jackets, handkerchiefs.

It is a design of the creator Sherry An and as we see the shelf there are also two lower drawers created with what seems to be esparto or a similar material.

Vía: Yanko Design