As we developed in the previous article, we will focus on those kitchens that with great intelligence, elegance and relying on the solutions that modern decoration proposes revive the classicism focused on presenting all the comforts that modern life can offer us.

classic kitchen decoration

We are referring to solutions that creative decoration have become a space by definition complex in its composition in an incredible chamber of remembrance, where the kitchen became our favorite place of children and can do today as an adult

classic kitchen decoration

If your kitchen is modern elements, a great way to transform it is to bet on the colors, handling warm tones with golden highlights, in furnishings that although modern still have classic characteristics, the chandeliers and vintage luminaires As the wagon wheel is commonly applied, they are great solutions for replacing expensive pieces of luminaire, a fine decorative mirror will increase the space and transform the concept of your kitchen orienting it to a trend of retro features even with modern appliances.

classic kitchen decoration

The islands in the kitchen undoubtedly replaced the lathes, place par excellence dedicated to the work of our grandmothers, nowadays we can find them or order them from any carpenter to later introduce it in ourecoration through light tones, or aging techniques that give the pieces a rustic and ancient character.

classic kitchen decoration -3

On them we can arrange hanging objects arranged on simple metal pieces fastened to the ceiling where our dishes will go from kitchen accessories to real objects of ornamentation, It is there where we can acquire second-hand pieces and restore them well with abrasive elements or simply paint them in copper tones so that they become decorative objects.

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Some old elements like Wrought iron kitchens can always be purchased second hand, even in quite complex conditions which only decorate and therefore its operation is not necessary, we can use in many cases only its base to create a unique and highly decorative kitchen lathe.

classic kitchen decoration -9

Take care of the details arrange containers with natural elements, haromatic herbs and retouch some pieces of the coating with typical ornaments of a past time are those small changes that completely transform an environment and they transfer it to the temporary representation that we are looking for.

classic kitchen decoration -3

Wide windows, chord pavements, and elements such as wood and luminaries will transform the environment into unique, some adventurers even bet on an interior grill that decorate and at the same time allow kitchens in the most rural and classic way possible, or also the well-known clay ovens, ideas that will transform your kitchen and that are highly recommended for home with large gardens or rest.

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