For those who have a garden or a beautiful terrace, you may want to decorate it with beautiful rustic candles. If you are thinking about changing the decoration and adding some details, pay attention.

These candles made using as a base, trunks of trees will give your garden that touch you are looking for. The materials what you will need will be the following.

- Cut logs

- Chisel

- Hammer

- Lija

Sailing or materials to make handmade candles

- Varnish (optional)

The first step is to use the wood as a base to locate the candles, for this we will obtain a piece of wood or a piece of cut trunk. Now, on top of it, we will put the candle that we like and mark the outline.

This outline will help us to know the dimensions of the sail and to be able to make a hole in the wood. The next step will be to drill the trunk, this will be done with the help of a hammer and a chisel. We will give you the necessary depth. When we have done the hole we will place the candle inside.

If we want to make the candle, handmade and inside the wood, we can make a hole of a diameter that we choose and then place the paraffin and the deposit in the same hole. Then it is enough to leave it until it solidifies. Finally we can apply a couple of hands of varnish, in this way we will help its conservation facing the outside.