We love rustic and warm decorations, that's why today in Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to make this fantastic flower pot of branches that will decorate any corner of our home.

flower pot branches

With just a few branches and plastic bottles, we will not only embellish our home, but we will also be contributing to recycling. The materials What you will need will be:

  • Remains of pruning
  • pruning
  • A disposable plastic bottle (2 liters)
  • kite (or other strong thread)
  • Scissors
  • A nail and a clamp
  • Varnish (optional)

The first thing is to get a few plastic bottles and cut them as you see in the picture. Make several pots of different sizes ... or as you want!

Now take all the branches and start cutting sticks all the same size, and this will depend on the size of the bottles and how you want your design. Remember to sand a little each stick, especially if you are going to varnish later the work ... this is the best if it is for an external decoration.

After cutting and sanding the sticks, place them on a bench and place a heavy wood on top of them. On this occasion, a row of approximately 38 cm was needed to cover a two-liter plastic bottle.

Pass a double thread from the first stick to the last as we see in the image. The trick is to pass the thread up and down, as we see in the photo.

When you have finished, do the same for the opposite side.

Now take the bottle and make some holes in it, this will help us to be able to tie, inside, the string of wooden sticks. In particular this takes some holes in the lower area for the drain of the pot and some sides to tie the branches to the container.

When you have done them, overlap the branches on the bottle and tie them through the holes ... remember to tie the knots in the bottle.

Finally varnish the wood, with one or two layers and let it dry well. If you are going to place your flowers in an interior area, perhaps it is best to make your branches. Be that as it may, all that remains is to transplant your beloved plant or plant a new one! This time it's rosemary! Decorate your corners with recycled style.

Via: The Crafts