If you are looking for a rustic touch for your stays and also that flavors our home, today we tell you how to make a beautiful centerpiece for the decoration of our table.

The materials they are easy to get and the center will do it easily. The materials are the following:

- Dish, fountain or container where we want to locate the centerpiece

- Small glasses, bowls or containers. These will serve as the basis for the center, we will get as many as we want ... in this case they are 7 units.

- Coffee grains

- Small candles for each container, in this case 7

- Scissors

- Rustic thread

The first step will be to fill, with the coffee beans, the containers that we have selected for the center. In this case we will fill 2 / 3 of the container.

Now for each bottle we put a candle in the center, do not worry that they will be fastened with the coffee beans.

With the rustic thread we proceed to make a beautiful ribbon bordering the jars. We can also make a small bow or knot in the upper area of ​​the bottle.

To finish we make the composition that we like the most, in this case we have gathered the jars in a small tray and it has been located in the central area of ​​the table.

Via: Decoration.In