The cushions are an essential complement when decorating a living room or a bedroom. They provide comfort and color to any environment. And, if they are special, a note of originality that can make a difference. To know choose the fabric for the cushions It is important. Today we give you all the keys to hit the bullseye.

fabric for cushions
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On many occasions we choose the cushions for the living room or for a bedroom from the wide catalog offered by the different firms. We buy them already made and equipped with their corresponding filling, which saves us work. However, sometimes we want a more concrete, more specific and different solution. In those cases it will be necessary to choose the fabric for the cushions and order their preparation, or sew them ourselves.

Be that as it may, it is important that you know what are the keys to keep in mind when deciding on one or another fabric for the cushions. It does not work either. And not only have to look at the designs, the color or the pattern. You also have to think about other conditions that will make you right or, if you consider them, wrong.

Choose well the fabric for the cushions

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If there a versatile element in the decoration of a living room, for example, they are undoubtedly the cushions. They are easy to change from one season to another, and they bring a great novelty to the decoration. However, it is worth taking into account some criteria when choosing the fabric with which we are going to make them. In this way they will be more comfortable, resistant and pleasant to use.

That's why, if you want decorate your living room with a coordinated fabric in which the curtains, the furniture upholstery and the cushions will be matching, you will have to be clear about what type of fabric is going well in each case.

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At first, it may seem that any fabric is worth to make some cushions, except for the thin and vaporous fabrics used for curtains. However, there are certain qualities of fabrics that have to be valued.

With body and consistency

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The cushions are elements that they are used and a lot. I mean, they touch each other, they crush, they put themselves in their place again and again. They are not pieces that are put at the beginning and do not touch again, at all.

And due to that intensive use that they may have, it is convenient to choose fabrics for the cushions that offer certain resistance and solidity. In this way they will be more durable and will deform less.

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Discard fabrics that are too thin or delicate, otherwise your cushions will be damaged soon and you will have to change them much sooner than expected.

Bet on washable fabrics

This is a feature that I find essential when choosing the fabric for cushions. You already know how much they can get dirty with daily use. Because, washable fabrics, that can get into the washer without problems, They are the best for this purpose. Flee delicate fabrics that require dry cleaning.

In addition, it is convenient that the fabric for the cushions be quick-drying and not wrinkle too much, so that you can iron it more easily.

A nice texture

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One of the requirements that, in my view, have to meet the cushions is that are pleasant to touch. That its texture is tasty and smooth. They have to be manageable, since they are placed again and again, they are constantly manipulated. For that reason it is convenient to flee from rough and stiff fabrics, that we do not like to touch.

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Choose the right stuffing

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As important as finding the best fabric for the cushions is hit the fill. There are different types to choose from, depending on the use we are going to give you. The filling materials can be natural or synthetic. Among the first are those of animal feather. They are very comfortable, although they have the disadvantage that they can not be washed in the washing machine. And, in addition, they tend to have a high price.

As for Synthetic materials, very used, there are different types. Although they are not as soft or as comfortable as those of feathers, they are more economical and can be washed without problems at home.

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You can choose them from polyester, a firm and durable material that does not easily deform. You can too opt for a viscoelastic filling It adapts to the anatomy of the body, making it perfect for bed pillows and special cushions (for example, for people who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down).

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Then there are the foam filled, which are very suitable for cushions, especially for those who have special shapes: star, cloud, heart, etc. They are usually child cushions. These fillers are cheap, although they are not particularly durable.

With these recommendations you can choose the best fabric for cushions without fear of making mistakes.