Believers or non-believers, the truth is that the disciplines based on energy manipulation gain ground, and this is due in the first place to the interaction of formal science which empirically endorses the stocks of electromagnetic waves which are altered from the morphologys, disciplines regardless of their origin share a common denominator called sacred geometry.


La sacred geometry is based on the basic concept of a geometric shape called dodecahedron or also known how fractal, which has been proven to be present throughout the universe with the particularity that is able to conform from the smallest element as a hydrogen atom to a galaxy, but away from the process of scientific determination is important to emphasize that ancient cultures from the ancient Sumer until the pre-Columbian cultures knew their existence and took part of their morphology in their ritual acts.

sacred geometry2

That is why it is not surprising that the so-called energy healing practices use said morphologies with the aim of harmonizing and enhancing spaces and activities, and the decoration takes sides and achieves incredible results in the development of spaces that its conformation predispose to peace and harmony.


But the truth is that the decoration of energetic character requires a complete setting looking for the harmonization of space, the elimination of straight lines is essential for this, we do not find corners in space or furniture, the marked lines are eliminated and the smoothing of them is produced .


The act of meditation itself is fundamental, and experts say that one hour of deep meditation, corresponds to 8 hours of sleep for our nervous system, which is why the predisposition within our decoration of a space destined to the activity will improve considerably its quality of life, it must contain elements that predispose the relaxation, absent of noise and discomfort combining nature and structural harmony.

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sacred geometry3

La environmental existence of forms denominated geometrically sacred are taken by the creators who make all kinds of furniture willing to interact directly with the energy capacity of the environment, it is important to emphasize that this type of decoration does not require large investments, only the willingness to conscientiously develop a consciously beneficial environment.