Game room with Lego pieces

When we think of ideas to decorate a children's room or a games room, we can opt for untraditional but very interesting alternatives. The giant pieces of Lego I liked a lot and that is why I want to share this option with you.

These pieces of decoration have attractive colors and designs that invite the game, in addition to fulfilling other very practical functions. The pieces of Lego are not only for playing and decorating, but in them the children (and why not the adults) can sit and even store objects, so they are also very useful to maintain the order of the room or the playroom.

For children's rooms or bedrooms, you can choose to place several giant Lego pieces of different sizes and different colors funfully in order to get an awake, active and creative decoration. In turn, you can paint the walls with gray, black and white, to achieve a perfect contrast.

You can also place a carpet in the center of the room. The synthetics provide greater durability and adapt to this type of room and decoration.

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  1. I am starting with the decoration of my children's bedrooms, it would help me a lot to see photos and ideas, since my son loves the laypersons.
    He was attentive his comments.

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