The rooms are usually places of great relevance in our daily lives, therefore they are characterized by being one of the most careful spaces in any decorating project.

To relax to receive friends, to share with the family. Did you really think about everything your living room should have?

We will provide some suggestions to remodel this home environment.

Tables to place the necessary.

Of smaller size, the support tables must be practical and original, the same will be vitally important when your decorating project is finished highlighting the center of the work.

In this case we will contribute the idea of ​​the sculptural image of the Spanish "Add up" or a glass mosaic design of the company "Brasilia".

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Comfortable and relaxing sofas.

The rounded shapes have defined the trend of the sofas of recent years, although at the time in which we live we could say that the trends to straight lines return timidly.

Framed in this theme we will highlight the mobile furniture of China Bay for Artelano, which allows for an uncontrolled design or is pretentious design of Big Zoe for Verzelloni.

The coating in leather or removable fabric, reveals a soft polyethylene padding commonly used for the design of poufs which guarantees a huge comfort.

This is undoubtedly an option to relax in your living room after a hard day's work.

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Dressing my walls.

The trend in decoration to the implementation of textiles as a way to dress our walls is increasingly used thanks to the genius of the designers who manage to create true works of art that highlight and harmonize the spaces.

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This is the case of the British designer Anne Kyyro Quinn, specialist in textiles, with an amazing aesthetic result the designer uses custom textile panels to decorate the rooms regardless of the prevailing style with incredible results.

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Placing my TV

It is indispensable in many living rooms to use televisions, for which there are thousands of pieces of furniture that seek their adaptation to the environment, providing functionality.

But the truth is that if this element can not be lacking in its decoration, it should be ensured that the furniture tries to strictly respect the style and regardless of whether it is the central furniture of the decoration or a mere accessory.

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Illuminate my space.

The lighting in our room, as in many rooms in our house, is fundamental and the variables are innumerable.

To have a general screen of the variables that can be found as luminaires we will take a look at the line of the Danish Frandsen, which tries to illuminate your room with a touch of elegance and style that will make your luminary not go unnoticed.

These characteristics can be appreciated in one of the creations of the brand Foscarini or Twiggy, by Marc Sadler.

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Placing my books with style.

The books or journals to which we usually resort are usually a problem, since it is often quite difficult to find a library that provides, in addition to its main function, aesthetic characteristics that enhance it as a decorative work.

But for this Emmibi designed a practical, beautiful and functional solution.

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