After a while of incongruity we finally discovered that Scarlet was not a movie, novel or television series, but a television in itself. It was the newest LG model that now launches its second edition with the name of LG Scartlet II or LG LH7000, a Full HD LCD TV with Bluetooth connectivity, a high definition tuner, a supreme sound and the highest level of technological sophistication with an ultra-slim and avant-garde design with rounded lines and scarlet red details.


With respect to the previous model, has moved the tuner and LG Scarlet II components to the bottom of the screen further reducing its thickness to just 39,7mm, thus being an incredibly thin TV.

In addition, it stands out for exclusive details such as a transparent touch-sensitive circular button, located in the center of the panel, below the TV. Unlike the first model, now a red glow surrounds the button on the power button and emits a dim white light when the TV is working.

"The LH7000 LG Scarlet II series is an example of perfect harmony between design, versatility and digital innovation. Its design full of style is designed so that it not only adapts to any space, but also adds value to the decorative space of any home. With Scarlet II, LG wanted to offer consumers everything they could want on a TV and within reach of most pockets"Says Simon Kang, CEO and President of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

Regarding the technical characteristics:

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- includes a complete Bluetooth connectivity, USB 2.0 and HD DivX, LG Scarlet II also allows to see on a large screen contents that until now were relegated to the computer. Through Bluetooth it connects directly to mobile phones allowing you to enjoy your photos and videos in the living room or in any room. Through the 2.0 USB port and HD DivX support we can see the high resolution videos saved on external hard drives, memory cards and other USB devices.

- to enjoy an excellent sound is equipped with invisible speakers, provides a dynamic and completely immersive sound endorsed by the exclusive LG Clear Voice II system that digitally enhances the voices to make them clearer and easier to understand.

- respect for environment is a maxim that LG continues to develop its products and for them Scarlet II incorporates Smart Energy Saving Plus technology, which reduces energy consumption through precise control of the backlight of the TV. The system uses Intelligent technology that adapts the parameters with respect to the conditions of the stay to optimize the performance and saves the maximum energy, up to an 75%, while reducing visual fatigue after long periods of viewing.

In short, an elegant, technological and ecological television that will soon be on the market available to anyone who has "loose" to acquire it.

Vía: LG press release