The children's bedrooms undoubtedly they are very important but what happens when our little one grows, we will see how they manifest themselves, their tastes and their tendencies, where above all the music acquires vital importance and from it the sense of belonging that defines the adolescents of today in day, that's where the avant-garde youthful decoration It happens to make a totally key piece in the sense of belonging and familiarity with the space.

Is that without doubt the room of a teenager It will be full of things that identify it, but for him it will be more than a simple room it will be his natural refuge and the place of recreation, recreation and relaxation that he needs so much.

La youthful decoration of Vanguard is one of the most controversial trends within the decor, and is that what may seem pleasant to us parents is not always contemplated or conceived in the same way by our son.

We suggest that to find a cost-effective solution, court and work together with your child in the project, do not worry about the ornamentation or colors, there will be his touch of style and sense of belonging, what should really matter to us is first of all the functionality, we need a space that in turn can be reorganized and restructured easily implementing practically the same furniture, and that is that our young man will change his sense of aesthetics as the years go by.

Discard the possibility of implementing vinyl or other schemes, leave the boy completely free in the combination of colors, dark furniture will help in a big way since it will look great with any combination and maintains its sobriety style despite the ornamentation, cushions, rugs and others can be as dispersed and disparate as the taste of the future inhabitant.

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La functionality As we said before, it is fundamental to remember that at a certain stage of growth in some adolescents the disorder happens to make a fundamental demonstration characteristic of growth, do not avoid it drastically implement spaces that promote order in a functional way.

With respect to furniture morphology do not resist if you decide on furniture functional poly as sofa beds or desk beds you can reinvent them for modify your decoration without spending too much money as our teenager becomes an adult.