Choose type of floor for a room it is an important and fundamental step for the base of the decoration, but in many occasions this task is hindered by ignorance of the subject or simply by the indecision in the face of different options and varieties that are offered.

In the first place, the use of that room and the subsequent one must be taken into account location of the type of floor to use, without leaving aside the aesthetic questions and the harmony between the floor and the objects and furniture that inhabit that room.

Another fundamental aspect is the transit frequency of the floor, since we must take into account details of wear, an eventual dirt and various factors that affect aesthetics and conditions where you are, for example, a kitchen, a patio or a bathroom.

We must also take into account that not all types and materials used in the floor will be adapted in the same way various demands and uses, environmental conditions and the place where we are going to use them.

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  1. Hello, sorry, you could help me, I'm studying architecture and they asked me to ask about types of floor and tiles I would like to know if you can help me to know which ones are

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