For some time I have been looking for an original and inexpensive way to store my necklaces, some too big to have in a box, and I think after many laps I think I have found the perfect option.

coat rack-collars1

I've seen the idea in x4duros, and it is a simple structure of boards stuck with a carpenter's tail. Its assembly is very simple, the only thing that you have to be clear before putting yourself to paste is where each of the pieces will go so, once we are going to stick them, we will not make any mistakes.

coat rack-collars2

You must buy a table to make some small taquitos and put them behind the structure so that there is space to put and remove the pendant and any objects you want to put.

The ideologist seems to me that her name is Chelo, if so, thank you very much for giving us this idea. I think I'll paint it yellow to match my room. And you? Do you have ideas like this? You already know that you can send it to us through the contact on the web Bitá, and attaching the images of your creation. We are waiting for your emails.