Friday is approaching and I have two mixed feelings hanging around my head: the first, the happiness that comes from knowing that the weekend is near and I will have the possibility, if not to rest, to change my activity and share time with the mine; the second, overwhelm that produces a hard work week, full of ups and downs, confusing and exhausting. The week has passed, but it will be repeated, and the weekend is near. When overwhelm overwhelms a walk through the countryside.

Walking through the countryside has everything positive. You can breathe pure air, or at least better quality than the city, you can interact with nature, even if we meet occasionally the villa of some famous by the way, and we might be lucky to run into a stream, which I will not take out but. At the edge of the stream sit and listen to the passage of water, perhaps with your feet inside, leave us calm and full of energy.

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When the weekend is not available for the walk or the brook could be that staying at home watching movies with the boys is also a reassuring option. If we have the PEBBLES chair set, from the SCHAMBUR GALVISE design house, we could dream of sitting on the stones of the river. Inspired by the boulders of the riverbed, this economical, fun and colorful set of chairs allows you to modify the social areas of the house in an informal way. It is available in different colors and in three sizes. More information on the website