Pattex offers solutions for DIY but now also offers the possibility to earn 15.000 € to renew the corner of your house that you hate the most, how? through a contest in which you must express through a scary cry the grimace that you get to see the paint on the walls, the falling papers or the broken furniture. Wanted to «The Pattex".

The participation must be in pairs but they do not have to be sentimental, they can also be friends or brothers, and those interested should send a video, along with photographs and the explanation of what remodeling they want to do and why. The company will listen to the requests and submit the candidates to a web vote in which they will obviously win the most votes.

The winners will star in a series of chapters and leave their progress in «The Pattex Notebook. »Do you want to renew some space in your house? Well, I do not know what you're waiting for, enter now and leave your video.

This is the promotional video but here I put one of the ones that I liked the most, at least of those that I have been able to see. It's the Tonyites.

Further information: Pattex