Rock, in its usual desire for innovation in the bathroom environment has created a new concept that combines two elements in a single set of furniture: sink and shower space integrated into a single product.

His name is Showerbasin and fuses a screen of the Maxiclean range, a washbasin and a Styltech shower tray, washbasin taps, a shower column, furniture and a mirror with an anti-fog and lighting system. All this in a single piece of furniture, saving us an inch when it comes to equipping our bathroom.

If we analyze by parts, we see that the shower tray is wide, with the entrance on the left side and extending to the back of the sink. It is closed by the Maxiclean screen and in front of it the washbasin is attached.

The tap arises from a gray column that reaches the highest part of the screen, this happens because it is in the same shower column, so that the installation is used for the tap on one side and for the bulkhead on the other, another ingenious integration. In this way we saved many centimeters that otherwise we would lose, very necessary in small spaces.

The measurements of the complete set are 160 x 83 cm, and with a height of 215 cm, and it is available in two versions:

- central (from right and left)

- corner (right and left)

Showerbasin is part of the collection of novelties launched by Roca for this year 2010.

Further information: Rock