For many it remains a pending issue to decorate with animal print. Although it attracts us how it looks when we see it at friends' house. First were the leopard drawings, then the sympathetic zebra stripes. Y ahora it's the turn of the Dalmatian print. A golden opportunity to declare unconditional fans and let it captivate many domestic corners. Ready?

Dalmatian print
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In addition to being a trend, of course on Pinterest, the Dalmatian print is one of those decorative solutions with enough possibilities to last over time. His nice black specks They get along well with styles current, fresh and eclectic. And the most fun is to dare with him to renovate the most unexpected places in the house. How about a bathroom wall? We will not tire of looking at it and to see new possibilities. Once put it will add elegance.

Dalmatian print: hit with the dose

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When we decided to welcome the Dalmatian print in our home, la first question that can assault us is where to buy it. Well, although it is not a usual decorative material, nowadays it is not uncommon to find it in stores specializing in decoration of interiors with the latest in wallpapers, fabrics and upholstery. Y Of course through those online shops that are essential in the life of any lover of the universe decó.

Solved this dilemma, it is very possible that another doubt appears on the horizon. How and where to look our print Dalmatian. On a small scale or in large doses. The truth is that his drawings began to look timidly on decorative objects and auxiliary, as for example in screens of lamps. But in a short time they have captivated other domestic surfaces and how. The unconditional of the eclectic environments speak of the Dalmatian pattern as the great ally for its more glam style.

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What is clear is that its appearance transforms any corner and surface, bringing a chic point and fresh at the same time. Now, it is not about invading the rooms with his look. The proposal consists in pointing us to this new trend to completely transform very specific areas with this new animal print. And even some furniture. If we are absolutely captivated by its charm, nothing like bet on it in its wallpaper version. And if we are still not very convinced, it will be best to become familiar with it little by little. It will seduce us.

Mottled walls with animal life

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Nothing like renovating any wall of our house or apartment with a Dalmatian pattern to cause a sensation. The wallpapers They are printed with the characteristic specks of such an elegant dog, they are a way to bet big for this trend. And of course the final effect does not disappoint. Are fantastic coatings to give a new life a walls and partitions our interiors domestic with many doses of light. The list is long. In addition to being able to exhibit them in entrances and passage areas spacious, there are numerous places to display their casual elegance.

I find them a courageous proposal for highlight angled walls and small walls with little interest. Maybe in that area of ​​our bedroom where we have a column with the bedside books. OR in our favorite reading corner in the living room. Also the walls of the attic rooms or low ceilings can earn points with a Dalmatian stamp. And is that not everything is aesthetic in them; They are practical to expand visually, or to generate a certain sense of depth.

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The most provocative looks

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It is clear that the Dalmatian print does not leave indifferent and hooks. Especially if we dare to use it with your most provocative look. A perfect idea if we seek to renovate a piece of furniture or transform the style of a space, marking us a bit of modernity. There is pieces of furniture where it looks especially good, displaying its animal magnetism but in a subtle way. Specific on headboards, fronts of drawers and rear shelves. Of course there will be a before and an after in them. They will become much more protagonists of the decoration thanks to its recently released Dalmatian print.

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If there is a place where a Dalmatian pattern can cause admiration, it is in the bathroom. And even more so if it is the guest room. Why reserve it to the most intimate and private spaces? Like all trends decorative of this type, claim to be admired, show off in highly visible areas and get the maximum possible attention. Therefore a bathroom or a toilet are ideal scenarios. And the most colorful option is to put it on the wall of the sink, or next to a closet area. However, to  these spaces with humidity it is only recommended to use wallpapers vinyl or treated to resist it and do not take off.

Super chic irresistible touches

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When the Dalmatian stamp enters the house, it can get to any room, including children's bedrooms. Many children are attracted by their cute drawings and would love to integrate them in their particular decoration. There are simple solutions with which to achieve it, without having to make major changes in the decorative set. One of my favorites is dress the windows with nice curtains one hundred percent Dalmatians in their design. They will add humor to the space and at the same time it will be easy to combine them with the color of the furniture.

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Through textiles from home we can also strain the Dalmatian pattern. One option is to bet on very daring coordinated, with upholstered seats if we feel like it. And another more subtle alternative is to reserve them for the cushions of our armchair favorite, or to show them on our bed. It will be those little touches of glamor that we all want to have at home.

Do you want to try?