KRISTIAN VEDEL, original designer of Denmark, was one of the first architects who took the theme of furniture for children seriously, designing proposals in a simple but modern style, always keeping in mind that its object was to achieve the acceptance of the children. VEDEL refused the idea that children's furniture should be a copy of those used by adults, instead he thought that they should be an independent proposal and respond to premises such as the special mobility young people develop, their rapid growth and the imperative need they have to play, even when they are sitting.


Its purpose was to create a combination between a children's chair and a game tool, appealing to the fantasies of children and their varied physical and psychological characteristics. A tool that will support a child to a whole group of them, and that in size, shape, weight and presence could respond to as many situations and ages as possible. This is how the CHILD'S CHAIR child's chair, which measures 40 x 29 x 37 cm, is made of plywood and works like a lego, since its back and square, can be varied in height and position by simply fitting it in the most convenient location , according to the child's age or imagination. Its price is 400 euros and you can buy it on the website