There is a moment in the day when I feel tired because it's too late but I can not go to sleep because that's why it's too early. It's around ten at night that I feel like I'm falling asleep where I'm sitting, the problem is that I'm sitting at the dining table, having dinner with my family, in the lounge chair, talking to a friend I'm visiting and I almost do not see, or I'm not sitting, but I stop in the kitchen making the sandwiches for the children to take to school, hanging out the clothes just taken out of the washing machine or trying to read a bit.

As far as I know, it is not very popular anywhere in the world to take a nap in the night and at least around nine thirty or ten, but if it became usual, I would be delighted and my life would be much better. I do not deny that I have already tried it but I always end up sleeping a bit more than an hour and although I am as good as new, I have a problem and it is that I am as good as new, about to end the day. I can not get to sleep and the next day I need a nap again.


For now I have decided, at the moment when I feel I am faint from fatigue, to sit down in my comfortable and relaxing RELAX chair, designed by J. BARTON for the CAL-MODA house, which is a lounge chair covered in a soft cloth Anti-allergenic and ergonomically designed to give relief to the back, neck, legs, arms and head. More information on the website