When I think of the folding chairs, I remember camping afternoons with my parents and friends but also with the grandparents and grandparents who sit in the street to take the fresh air or who take a place to see a procession of Holy Week, the day of the Patron Saint. , etc ... is what it has to be from town.


This chair called Flow It represents an evolution in folding chairs, adding a more avant-garde design and also greater comfort.

It is very resistant and is assembled and disassembled in 10 seconds, remaining folded in just 200 mm, a record. The shapes of the fold give the chair this characteristic appearance, with a final grip that closes it and gives stability. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, in white or black, and is made of polypropylene. The approximate weight is of 5kg, perhaps a little heavy, but it compensates the design and the comfort.

It is a work of two young Dutch people, Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, that are released as companies with the name of Flux, the same that they have given to the chair.

More information: Flux

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