Once upon a time beautiful chair that cheered with his smile, all the children of the kingdom wanted to play with her ... Renata It was not just any chair; its gift to make smile, to the little ones, made her famous throughout the kingdom.


With great mastery ordered and kept pencils, notebooks and a multitude of colors ... always helpful and willing to help ...

Renata has been designed by Baita Design, a Brazilian firm, which is dedicated to children's furniture.


Do not be fooled by its nice design, this chair in addition to showing us a cheerful smile, with its best emoticon, offers us a place to locate colored pencils, folios and even books or notebooks. It has pen holders and three drawers where to keep everything that comes to mind.

As you see Renata It is a truly practical and useful chair; the original idea It gives the little ones something to have fun and play with.

As a decoration, this piece stands out for its vibrant colors and multifunctionality. We can place it in the room of the smallest and you will see how they have fun.

Put one Renata in the life of your child and enjoy the color it brings to the room ... and especially the smile of your little one

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