Of course it can be, as long as you have the right formula. This is an auxiliary table that can be turned into a chair, or on the contrary: a chair that can be turned into an auxiliary table.


chair-table3Its designer is Russian Jan Schreiner and with this model, called stripe, has created a unique piece of furniture that meets the current decorative needs: it can be used in various ways depending on the needs of each moment or space. What we still do not know is if it is already in production.

More information: Jan Schreiner

Via: The Design Blog


  1. [...] just a couple of days we talked about an 2 furniture in 1: a chair that could also be a table, and vice versa, but now we have to talk about a model that has exceeded it and proposes an 3 in [...] ]

  2. Simply a masterpiece ...

    I congratulate you for sharing all the novelties and design tips ...

    Thank you!

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