In these turbulent times in which we live, design anticipates the cycles and responds with a sign of hope. We have to stop, reflect and return to action.

In this context, it makes perfect sense to rest on a chair designed in the form of an "egg" that brings us to the universe of creation and to restart.

The capacity for reinvention and rebirth that this form gives us has been enhanced by various brands that have edited some models inspired by their design and everything that it symbolizes.

An example of this is the Dutch brand Ghyczy Selection BV that recently presented, during the IMM Cologne, the International Furniture Fair, its latest reissue: La Garden (egg) chair.

It is inspired by the model designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1968 that became a design classic.

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This is one more proof that the classics resist calendar changes and go through generations, whether we are talking about music, fashion or interior design.

Such as the "Ball" model by Carlo Colombo edited by the Arflex brand. It is the need for recollection that we feel, especially in difficult times that opens the way for a design that comforts us, transmitting an idea of ​​security and tranquility.

The same form served as inspiration to the designer Naoto Fukasawa who designed for Driade these puffs with fiberglass coating. The glossy gloss gives this attractive appearance. The model was baptized as "Koishi".

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Isolation allows us to reflect on ourselves and on what surrounds us, abstracting from everything else.

Comfort is the way these models have to invite us to reflect. They give us the space to simply "be" or contemplate, but also to think about our professional projects, as is the case of this "working station" of Artifort, named under the name of Globos. The wheels in its base go to meet the current philosophy of mobility and flexibility in our workplace or in the "home office".

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As for Garden (egg) chair, here in an interior version, the recollection of its value as a design piece, is patented in consecrated places such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, in London and in miniature in the Vitra Design Museum, In addition to being included in the list of the 1000 Taschen chairs.


Ergonomics, comfort and the organic minimalist form of the "egg" serve as inspiration for chair designs with some variants, as is the case of these Esedra examples.

This model is called "Luna" and was designed for the brand by architect Paolo Chiantini.

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"Egg Chair" by Arne Jacobsen

Edited by the Fritz Hansen brand, this creation of 1958 celebrated in 2008, 50 years of existence with a special edition. The brand reissued the model with 50 new versions and with them went around the world.

Each version of the Egg "by Tal R" was baptized with a name linked to the universe of Freid psychoanalyst, in homage to the capacity for reinvention and rebirth: the return to the origins that modern times demand of us.

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