The time I spent in the subway, in my case it was the Madrid subway, but surely all those who live in cities with metro will sound history. In the journeys of two that he did every day (one round trip, another round trip) he used to listen to music, read a book, review the notes before an exam or read a text he should have read weeks ago for class. My bag was a storehouse of anti-boredom resources, because one hour is 60 minutes of tedium in which you can only look out the window if you do not carry anything by hand or observe the people around. Sometimes it can be a bit boring, believe me.

And the worst was when the subway was too full and the journey had to be made standing up completely. Waiting with a desperate look for someone to get up at the next stop and let no smart person come forward to take your place. It was all a law of the jungle, the strongest and smarter is the one who wins. Unfortunately, sometimes my reflexes were too slow to survive.

If I had had this chair then I would have gone completely to play with the environment at the same time I would have been comfortable. This is Metro Stool, a chair inspired by the metro lines, which represents the different lines in three dimensions and with different colors, almost all of them common in all the metro lines of the world.

It consists of steel rods covered with colored powder, and can serve both as a table, as a tool or as a sculpture to admire, not even if it can be foldable (for me not) and if it could be carried in the bag to carry it always on top of it just in case. Its measurements are 36 x 29 x 41 and it has a price of 132 pounds (about 158 euros).

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