Today we will talk about how to make a simple decorative ornament that we can locate in some corner of our home, decorate small notebooks or make a nice centerpiece. Depends on the dimensions in which we do it, they can also serve as peli ornaments, napkin rings or buckle decoration.

The materials we will need will be the following:

* fiber of various colors

* silicone

* buckle, headband or hair band.

The first thing we are going to do is take sponge fiber material, choose them in various colors so that the craft will be much more enriched. Then cut out the fiber in the form of a pretty flower. We will also cut out the brown circles so that they are the center of the flower. Once cut we paste them with silicone and ready, some beautiful flowers.

If you have made several flowers paste them in a circle of brown color, in this way we stick all the decoration in the place that we like. If you make one or two flowers, they will be ideal for use in a hairband or perhaps adhered to the marce of a beautiful mirror.