It is true that the fact of having a delicious plate of spaghetti carbonara as a daily menu at home is closely related to that I am tired, it has become late and the imagination does not visit my kitchen that day. It may be that the carbonara varies with a pesto preparation, with a bolognese or something more sophisticated, if I am in a better mood. The macaroni, the screws, the shells and on special occasions the ravioli are welcome.

I must confess that sometimes it is hard to prepare the pasta and I would prefer to order a pizza or encourage family austerity and diet in the diet. In any case, there is already an easier and faster way to do it, so much so that we could entrust our husbands with that responsibility and leave that issue aside.

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Ideal for cooking fresh pasta, gourmet pasta or, at least, two portions of regular pasta, the PERFETTO PASTA COOKER is a useful and easy alternative to the traditional way of preparing pasta in our kitchen. The system allows the cooking in such a simple way that it is not necessary to check that they do not stick, that they do not overcook or reboce the water from the container while it is boiling, as it happens with the traditional method. To use it, all you have to do is pour water into the PERFETTO PASTA COOKER, add the pasta and cover it. Around one 70% energy and one 50% water is saved with this technology, compared to the normal way. Only one liter of water is used to prepare two portions. When it is not in use it is perfect for storing the raw pasta. Measures 9.68 cm in diameter and 33.17 cm tall, weighs 567 grams.

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