One of the subjects most used today in terms of decoration is the lack of space, but sometimes the excess of it can also go against us. Why? The fact of having more meters makes us think that we will be able to put many, all we had thought, we will be able to equip the living room with large sofas, huge coffee tables to be comfortable, a large piece of furniture for television, with many shelves and drawers, a table to eat with their respective chairs, etc ... ..

With so many things in the end we end up saturating the space and once everything is placed we think: uf I have no space to move! For this reason, although we have many meters to decorate we must think very well what we are going to put and what is not.

Maybe that's why when I've seen the decoration of this apartment it has caused me in a certain way admiration. For the chosen elements, it must be a young couple, with a child that we see in one of the photographs. They have a very large room however they have chosen a small piece of furniture for television that is placed in a corner. The sofa has been given more importance, very long and wide, making a corner and occupying two walls. In front of him, a small side table with a rug, and a puff on one side.

In the center of the room there is no furniture, only the light that enters through the balconies and windows, and a small armchair with a lamp over it, which we imagine will be the reading corner. There is no large piece of furniture or any shelf where to put objects, what is not necessary is not used. As simple as that.

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In the bedrooms the same happens. Only what is necessary, although the child's room is flooded with toys, there is only a closet in the back and a crib.

In the bedroom of the marriage the protagonist is the red of the walls, which contrasts with the white of the bed. As furniture we only see a bookshelf with books and tables, because the clothes are kept in a small dressing room, also very simple.

Arriving at the kitchen and the bathroom happens in the same way, few elements, absolute simplicity and practicality. Many should take the example of a house with large spaces in which the excess of decoration is the great enemy.

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