When I was a child, my mother told me to sit up straight, to cross my legs, to keep my mouth closed and my eyes open. When I yawned, I would cover myself with one hand and, before sneezing, try to get a lot of air, not everything. the lungs so that it was not too loud. I learned everything and I am sure I can sit at the table with a minister without making my mother, and the guests, blush of embarrassment.

My mother taught me her habits, which her grandmother told her in turn, but while she told me that I should consider it rude to say hello to me, a man would not stop from the chair, he also clarified that all the rules were made to break them and that the most fun to know them deeply was that when they broke they sounded louder in our own ears. If we really believe in their importance when they fall, they resound. And I learned on my own that the guys who do not get up are the best kissers.

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To demolish schemes is what the COUCH design of the artist, musician and creator of furniture MATHEW AUDIO proposes. The three-seater armchair, upholstered in leather and with a classic look, is equipped with an impressive audio system that allows us to recline to listen to music while feeling the vibration of the low and high of each song. An excellent mix that revitalizes the use of a traditional element adding an extra possibility. More information on the Website www.mathewaudio.com