I love cats. They are the perfect pet for the city, for single people, for busy men and carefree children; They also go very well with a family from the suburbs. They are independent and only approach when they want to be pampered or hungry; you should not think about entertaining them or taking them out for a walk, it is not necessary to plan their reproduction, they will ask you for food if you forget to put it and in general, they will make their life without asking or considering.

I get along very well with cats even though my furniture is not tapestry. The elegant and glamorous felines represent the end of the finest fabric of your armchair; They need to sharpen their nails and the more expensive the fabric where they do it will be better. You can use for this purpose, in addition to the tapestries, the most luxurious of your jackets, your brand name suit or the favorite jeans. Count on that his claws will be perfect.

1 sritch

There are already cat-nail sharpeners, but for some reason they do not use them and continue with your furniture-they also do very well with cedar wood.

One answer is the one proposed by the British design house WOWBOW, which combines the distiguous, curvilinear and modern design of the MIJA premier product line, creating the SKRITCH piece, which allows your cats to keep their nails in perfect shape without harming your personal belongings. Far from traditional nail sharpeners this tool really catches the animal's attention and becomes its favorite toy. It is striking, accessible and looks so much like the leg of your favorite armchair that the cat will not resist destroying it.

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More information on the Website www.wowbow.co.uk