I have 5 brothers, so you can already imagine what it was like to eat at the table when we were little, we go to a complete show, and they ask my mother. One who does not want to eat, another who gets up, another who says they have sat in their place, another who feels bad, another who throws the plate, in short my house was very funny but especially the time to eat.

At home we had problems with the kitchen table because it was too small for all of us, so I am sure that this table my mother would have loved. This fantastic table is called Slide Eat, and my mother would have come with pearls to summon everyone at lunch time because surely with this fun table we would all have been running to the table.

Slide Eat a table that is something else has been designed by Studio Klass of Milan, and the truth is that the design is very original and very useful to sit the children from the house to the table.

A table with a circular shape, and each module is a place for a child, we know that each seat is a seat but also that there are holes in the table for the plates, glasses and cutlery of each child. But the best thing about this table is that you can add modules according to your needs, that is, according to your children, if you have two you will only need two pieces, but if the family is increasing you can add as many pieces as you need to sit the kids.

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A perfect table for kindergarten, schools, and toy libraries, but also for houses, because if you have a big house this table children surely love.

Vía: studioklass