As Christmas approaches, the house gradually fills with Christmas decorations. The trees are decorated, the socks hang from the chimneys, the Santa Claus dolls appear through the windows and the ornaments fill any place. Since Christmas we will give you some tips to make your own Christmas decorations, such as these simple cold porcelain pines. The necessary materials are:

  • 150 gr. cold porcelain
  • Polyethylene spheres nº1, 2 and 3
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Vinilic glue
  • Terracotta pot
  • Stick of skewers
  • Golden beads
  • fine point scissors
  • Florist's Clay
  • Moss


First, place the three spheres aligned from major to minor to achieve the pine form. To hold the spheres use the stick of skewers. Then cover the spheres with cold porcelain, stretching the surface well until smooth.

Once you have the shape of pine made, use the scissors to make small cuts on the porcelain. In this way you will achieve the effect of the surface of a pine.

Before the porcelain dries, place some golden beads - if you like they can be red or of another color - on the porcelain. Use vinyl glue and a little pressure so that they are securely fastened. Finally, let the piece dry.

Take the terracotta pot and place a piece of florist's clay inside. Nail the pine in the pot, making sure it is well fixed and straight. Paint the trunk with brown acrylic. Place some moss on the base of the trunk to achieve an impeccable finish.

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