If you are decorating the your baby's roomI'm sure you'll love this idea. Order your child's room with this child organizer; in it you will be able to locate all the accessories and objects that we should always have on hand when we need them.

This hermoso and functional organizer, it is done in a very simple way; you only have to have the following handy materials.

- 1 ½ mt of terry cloth in the pastel color that you like the most.

- Thread of the same color or that combines well.

- Ribbons with baby details.

- Patches with children's motives.

- 1 mt 15 cm of wooden rod.

- ½ mt. of single color thick tape.

- Needle

- Scissors.

The first step will be to cut out a rectangle, of towel, whose measures are 80 cm by 100 cm; We will make a small hem around, so that the threads do not go.

Now, from the same fabric, we will cut small rectangles or square. We can make them with the same dimensions, for example an 10 x 10 or, if you want to customize them, make them all in different sizes. These rectangles or squares will serve us as pockets, choose the depth you want.

Now we go back to the big rectangle, in the we will sew a thicker hem in the upper area, in this way we can introduce the wooden rod, this will serve to hang our organizer.

Then, in the smallest rectangles we can adhere patches with drawings. Once done we will sew them to the big rectangle. You can get an idea by looking at the pictures.

Last we will decorate with patterns and colorful ribbons. As you see we have ready the manual to hang, where you like.