The buttons are usually an element, object, thing ... As we want to call it, they are always loose in the sewing box. We leave them "just in case" they need something, for some pants, some shirt ... .. and there are the poor, waiting for their turn to come. And the days pass, the months pass, even the years. I think my mother has a button in the box since I was about 10 years old, because I remember seeing it when I went to look for the scissors and I think it is still there.

Well, it's fine! It's over! Those poor bonotes must be given a decent life now! and the place chosen will be the refrigerator or any to which a magnet can be attached. They are going to be our next "paper-holder". We will only have to buy magnets and fast or strong glue to attach the button.

When it is dry it will be a perfect magnet for our notes, papers, etc ... that we are leaving at home. I loved the idea, we can also have a great repertoire, everything that our sewing box allows us.

Via: Decoratrix