There is to please other people a direct relationship of self-confidence, to a lesser or greater extent. When people love us, they show sympathy for us and are interested in our well-being, the feeling of happiness is inevitable; sometimes it feels intense and other times it is constant. And it is inevitable that they appreciate us when we also appreciate and please them. I try it every day with my family.

What is the greatest complacency that I could give to them ?, the food of course and that is why every time everything is over and they do not stop praising my preparations a total and absolute success has occurred for their self-esteem. It is that moment in which they adore me as the goddess I truly am and only they can see, for a few short but extraordinary moments, I become a timeless being, a good mother.

The food that provokes love is the healthy one, because there will be no adverse effect that doubts the perfection of the mother. With a raclette such as the ROLLER GRILL INDIVIDUAL, from the traditional design kitchen accessory for the Roller Grill, I can prepare steamed and grilled delicacies without much difficulty. More information on the website