The other day I surprised my partner with a small dinner on the beach. I prepare everything at home in a wicker basket that I have very cute, I put typical checkered tablecloth, food, glasses, cutlery and of course a good wine.

The dinner went without complications although there was a detail that I did not take into account, and that is that the wine was cold when I left home, but of course as time went on it was getting warmer. First I thought that for the next dinner I prepared for two outdoors I would have to do with a tiny fridge, but as soon as I saw this bag looking for refrigerators on the net I had it clear.

And it is that a fridge is good for when the outdoor meeting is for a lot of people, because the refrigerators are available in many sizes, but for two people a smaller cooler is better, and that is why I thought that this bag is perfect for A getaway for two outdoors either the beach or the countryside.

It is a neoprene bag that has two handles so that its transport is more comfortable and simple, in which you can transport two bottles of wine or whatever it is keeping the cold for longer, and thus enjoy the drink in its temperature ópitma.

The measures of this bag are 37 centimeters by 23 centimeters, its price is 5,90 euretes.

Via: http: qualimax