Some time ago we made a small collection of ideas for Save space with bedroom furniture y Doc XL He reminded us of those unique ideas with which we could make a bed appear by magic.

Doc XL is a sofa-bed, but it's not a sofa bed like the ones we're used to seeing. Apparently it is a normal sofa but if we remove the cushions we can unfold a metallic structure that transforms it into a bunk, with safety side bar and ladder included.

Space is still a problem and it will be for a long time and with ideas like this one Clei we can solve it, at least to some extent. You can use it in the living room as an extra bed for the guests or the room for daily use. It's available in various colors.

Further information: Clei

Via: Home Space


  1. Good afternoon, I would like to know the measurements, the price including transportation to GUIJUELO; In Salamanca. As well as if there is a dealer standing in the area, where you can see it.

    Thank you

  2. Hello, I am interested in the budget of the sofa bunk: price upholstered in blacks and trnasporte and motnaje for Madrid. Thank you

  3. Hello, I would like to know if you can send to Ecuador, and what is the value of the bunk sofa, it is unique, I really liked it! ..Thank you..

  4. Hi good day . I would like to know if there is availability for Venezuela or where I can buy the bunk sofa. Thank you

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  6. Excellent alternative to use the spaces to the maximum !!!

    Please send me or tell me where to find more ideas to maximize the use of space with style.

    Thank you and go ahead, the feclicito then are true artists of space, aesthetics and comfort.

    Alonso León

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