When I see this sofa an idea comes to my head. With this sofa, the laziest cleaning ones will not be able to keep the lint under the sofa instead of picking it up, you can see everything, it does not hide anything. Another advantage is that if you drop some clothing after him you can also find it without looking around the house where the t-shirt is.

It is designed by the firm Zanotta and designed by Prospero Rasulo and that is as you see. It is not only the skeleton, it is not that it is without upholstery, it is that it is such. Its structure is created in PVC tubes with internal nylon reinforcement, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. By the way, you can also choose with matching chair.

On the website of the firm you can find more information about this curious product.

More information: Zanotta

Via: Redecorando

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