The philosophy of customizable furniture is followed to the letter in this sofa designed by Ron Arad for the Italian firm defaulting. His name is Do-it-rez And despite what can evoke us, those who have tried it say that it is very comfortable.

sofa do-lo-rezIt mixes the world of art, design and technology and all together, results in a fully customizable sofa, composed of individual pieces that can be joined to create a different sofa each time. We can make a combination of three by two, a sofa with chaise longue, an armchair, etc ... anything we want.

sofa do-lo-rez2

The pieces are similar to poles of various sizes: all have a base of 21 × 21, but the height can vary from 27,5 cm to 83 cm. With the lowest we can create the shape of the sofa, where we will sit, and the highest will serve as a backrest or backrest.

sofa do-lo-rez3

They are made with different densities of polyurethane foam, the rigid foam is used for the center of each unit, to confer more resistance and to be punctured on a steel platform with spikes that act as giant pins; on the contrary, the softest foam is the one that confers comfort.

sofa do-lo-rez4

More information: Moroso