Maybe this type of decoration is not the most sophisticated, maybe a little rude or strange, but it is an idea after all. As you can see it is a whole sofa made entirely by cans of beers and soft drinks.

The truth is that it is a great idea to recycle and also to decorate in an original way, but you can improve the concept. From the entrance the cushions can be of the same color, upholstery, fabric .... so that the finish is not very shabby.

We could also place the cans in a certain order, each type of can making horizontal or vertical stripes, although they seem to be transverse, but the effect is not appreciated too much.

The third option would be to paint the cans of soft drinks of a certain color to match their supposed upholstery of the cushions. The design and name of the can will not be appreciated but the recycling action will be the same. Now, will it hold a complete structure of cans? In case I would put a base with wooden planks.

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