Taking a look at the new catalog of Roche Bobois we found truly beautiful collections like this corner sofa called Paraphe.


It is a sofa created in Tendresse skin and in white, with serigraphed letters that express different words about decoration and fashion.

Seat is formed by foam in tri-density form and the backrest is foam and wadding. The interior structure is made of solid wood and particle panels, with suspensions by XL elastic straps and on the outside a chromed metal leg structure supports the sofa. It exists in several dimensions, in sofa, armchair and pouf. In addition, the set is completed with foular cushions and printed pouf printed on leather with Rode letterin motifs.

Maybe the white is a risky color, and more for the living room since it is a place where we are very often, but with designs so the risk is worth it.

More information: Roche Bobois

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