It is the essential piece of the room, the witness of the life of the house. The wear of the sofa is usually irremediable with the passage of time, and when the time comes to decide whether to change the upholstery or change the sofa conflicts appear. This is where you have to weigh the sentimental value, the cost and the comfort of the sofa, if there are enough reasons to take it out on the street and visit the decoration shops looking for another that replaces it.

You must bear in mind that even a sofa collected from a container can recover its splendor with a nice fabric and an integral upholstery and endure in this way a few more years.

Rate the piece, its structure, if the wood is in good condition or if it is a fragile agglomerate that would not be profitable to invest.

Choose the right fabric, bear in mind that any fabric is not worth it, however beautiful it may be. Look for a dense and compact weave so that it does not open and deform, like cretonne, and textured, like chenille, which is also long-suffering and easy to clean. Upholstery fabrics also offer a series of "technical features" that make them more competitive when buying them, although not economic. Abrasion resistant fabrics to withstand wear; to the discoloration to resist the sun (the optimal level is the 5); and prepared to avoid the appearance of balls, also called pilling.

sofa and cloth

Go to a good artisan upholsterer that knows how to take advantage of your sofa especially when it comes to repair the damage of the structure and the springs, and careful with the finishes, tacks if it is a thick cloth or leather, with skirts, trimmings and stapled gal They are classic, or with a seat, contrast cushions and sober finishes if they are more modern design sofas.

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