One of the most complex decorations to achieve is the children's decoration, when we refer to it we must emphasize several points that determine its difficulty, first of all the thematic character of it, where the animated characters reign and decorate, in another order the tonalities, pavements and ornaments and essentially the furniture something that will condition the cost of the project and by definition in a few years will require a replacement.

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El decorative process that is part of these children's spaces, it can be achieved in different ways, both in its purpose, as well as in its cost and future projection, for that reason we will highlight some characteristics from which to take advantage but a Adequate and practical decoration.

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To start regardless of the theme of decoration, it is essential to resort to economic solutions therefore we recommend coating your walls in lightweight pvc panels, these will first steal some cms but allow to hide the electrical outlets and have a washable surface in which the child can express their art without limitations, and of course the thematic concept is proposed from digital printing, where the wallpaper it allows you to create absolutely everything that the imagination allows you to conceive.

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The pavement must be an element of unconditional reform, a child usually plays most of the time on the ground, so a pavement that allows adequate hygiene is the best alternative, on the same we do not recommend mats or pavements in fine woods but synthetic solutions, economic and plausible to be maintained as our child grows and requires reforms, so it is convenient to think of a definitive decoration.

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Some orchild rnamentos are very economic they must respect the theme and bet on a playfulness but they are not elements on which to repair, if in the case of curtains which for the care of the small and the materials implemented in the decoration they should bet to reduce the incidence of UV rays on space and users.

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En furniture we have in endless range of options, although if you want practicality and economy is better to bet on a minimalist concept, with two or three pieces of multipurpose character, in this concept the bed can be the corral of the small the elements arranged to store toys can become playful cubes and of course the most efficient solution proposes recycled materials such as cardboard, where ingenuity takes part of the creative concept to become the framework of daily adventures, native tents, shops, etc, everything is plausible as long as the willing elements are taken care of.

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Avoid expensive furniture, you will soon need a reform, as well avoid all furniture that has angled corners or nearby surfaces where the child can climb, safety is essential and every child manages to generate situations where furniture is an accomplice to accidents.

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