Decorating the house and at the same time equipping it with the latest technology is no longer so difficult and so expensive. Through we have known very fresh information about the new series of supports for Sony televisions with built-in speakers.


His name is Sony RHT-G and they are furniture for TV that avoid the presence of the cables to have to connect the speakers, because they already have it integrated.

The series consists of three different models: RHT-G500, RHT-G950 and RHT-G1550. As the range increases also increases the capabilities, such as the types of televisions that support (the greater the range more inches), the channels, the power and the amplifiers. The other features are common to all three, such as AM / FM radio tuner, 12 sound modes and 3 HDMI ports.

They will be on sale in Spain between the months of May and June.

More information: Sony