The more years we complete, the less we have the capacity to feel surprised or impressed by something or someone. The first time, in everything, will always be the most intense; discover sensations, feelings, emotions is part of the beginning of our life and is associated mostly with periods such as childhood and adolescence. During the youth we continue to recognize the world, already with the vision of an adult, and towards adulthood we could say that we have a good general and quite complete perception of ourselves and of the relationship we have with the world. Well, the exception makes the rule and there are cases of cases.

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Undoubtedly it is when we are small that our power of astonishment is at its best and although now things that once seemed unusual can seem trivial, do not forget that we all were surprised to a greater or lesser extent by the same. Magic it seemed that the paper airplane could glide through the air or that the soap bubbles had so many colors and floated; that painting with the red and yellow crayons mixing them will result in the color orange and that black will be said black in English, when it sounds more white.

It is not easy to find something that amazes us but we can try with the modular system of lighting THE REMAKE LIGHT, or Reinvented Light, which allows us to compose and vary the intensity of light according to the way we have the units that make up the set. Thanks to its unique adhesive rotation system modules can be connected between them, without cables, vertically and horizontally and thus vary their position and final shape. The bulbs used are energy-saving and each module measures 24 cm high, 17 deep and 17 wide. The REMAKE LIGHT set is a simple construction game that revives the inventive spirit of childhood in its users.

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