We are looking at spacious bathroom dressers. In this article we tell you how to choose the best according to the space you have. Read more about it!

One of the best options for your bathroom without doubts are the dressers with many drawers and with enough space to store all the items that need to be stored in the bathroom, from towels, creams, cleaning products, etc.

But sometimes it can not be possible. Therefore, in this article we show you the ones we like the most: the most spacious, of course; but, also, some alternatives in case space is a problem for you.

Generally, this is a piece of furniture to which it is not given the necessary importance, but it is important to always keep in mind as they help a perfect organization in one of the most complicated rooms of all, as is the bathroom.

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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It is good that the dresser uses in its doors or drawers a system of practical movement and cushioning the turn so that its structure always looks perfect.

Here we will tell you more keys to choose spacious dressers for the bathroom and other alternatives.

What are the dressers?

In the world of furniture and decoration, truth be told, is a somewhat technical word. It is not really a common term, so we want to explain it very well.

The word dresser comes from the Latin ¨oris¨ and is used to name various types of furniture. The most common is the one used to store crockery, cutlery, tablecloths and other objects related to the table service. In the Church, this cabinet is also called a dresser where some objects of the mass are placed next to the altar. It is also called the work furniture or workshop in artisan workshops.

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In architecture it is related to the vasar, for fulfilling the same service, and in the world of commerce, a sideboard is identified with the shop window. Formerly he was also given the use of a cloakroom.

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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In this article we will specifically refer to the dressers for the bathrooms. Those auxiliary furniture that fulfill diverse functions in that room. On the one hand, the spacious sideboards for the bathroom include storage space, which help you keep the service more organized. And, on the other, we usually use its surface to place the objects that we use most frequently in the bathroom.

Right there falls the importance of choosing spacious dressers for the bathroom. Because, when we do not have them, there is usually a sense of disorder, having to leave everything exposed.

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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Spacious dressers for the bathroom

The old sideboard of more or less noble wood, old-fashioned and voluminous furniture in its origin, has been recovered by the furniture industry merging its traditional design with new proposals, adjusting sizes, colors and materials of manufacture to its functionality in domestic spaces such as hall or bathroom.

There are more modern but lately at a decorative level too The oldest furniture has gained popularity. You can get them sometimes at a good price, restore them, and use them to provide character and personality to your room.

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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Which dresser to choose? It will depend on several factors, including: your tastes, personal style, bathroom decoration, available space, the function you want to give, etc.

How to choose the ideal dresser for your bathroom?

When it comes to spacious dressers for the bathroom, there are several factors that can help you choose the best and the one that best suits your needs.

What will be its main function

The main function of a sideboard remains, of course, that of storage. In that sense, equally, nothing written and you can always decide what you want and what you need most. If you really have more storage space in your bathroom, perhaps you do not need spacious bathroom dressers and you can focus on choosing a more decorative one.

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Sideboards spaces for the bathroom

On the contrary, if your bathroom is more limited in space, a more spacious sideboard that gives you enough storage and a good surface to use may be better. In fact, here the best recommendation, if possible, would be to make a built-in dresser in your bathroom, designed to suit your needs.

If it will be more decorative, it matters less the material. In case you need to use your surface at the top, at the top of them, it is usually best to place a marble base to facilitate its cleaning and hygiene. But, in addition, it is a absolutely waterproof material and very durable.

Use and style of the bathroom

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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Keep in mind what type of bathroom are you looking for a piece of furniture. If it is a question of furnishing a bathroom of courtesy or guests, you can focus more on its design than on its functionality, since its use will be occasional, it does not need to be so resistant and with less accessories you will have enough.

On the contrary, if it is a bathroom for daily use, it is important to choose a cabinet with large and well-organized drawers in which everything fits comfortably and neatly.

Available space

The spacious dressers for the bathroom will depend, of course, on having that space. Measure carefully before buying.

With a meter, measure the maximum width available where you want to place the furniture. Keep in mind that you should not disturb when opening and closing the bathroom door, or hinder the use of other elements such as the bidet, toilet or shower.

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Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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The most common background used in bathroom furniture is 45cm. There are models from 35 to 50cm. The 35cm furniture is ideal for small bathrooms where it helps to gain some space, while the 50cm furniture provides more storage capacity in the drawers.

Height is an important variable only when it comes to suspended furniture. You must determine the height at which the furniture is placed so that it is comfortable to use. If you have built-in faucets on the wall, make sure that the furniture is properly sized so that the water does not splash. If the furniture is not suspended, the height is determined by the manufacturer.


Think if you want spacious drawers, in which case it would be best to have one or two. Or, if you prefer to classify small things better, you can arrange it in more compartments.

Sideboards spaces for the bathroom
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There are a variety of models and manufacturers. From the clean white to the darkest brown, very common in the oldest sideboards. You always can restore them with color and paint them to your liking. Look at the rest of the items in the bathroom and decide if you want it to match or stand out.


Furniture material affects the price significantly. The design and quality of the materials used will determine the price level of the furniture, which can vary a lot. Some of the most used materials are: agglomerate, MDF, solid wood.


There are three types of finish for bathroom furniture, with their respective differences: melamine, lacquers and varnishes, decorative laminate.

We hope with this guide to help you choose the best dresser for your bathroom. Get ready and make the best decision.