Human nature is very complex, it is not new news, but today it comes to my head because although it is spring and winter has gone I have the feeling of nonconformity as always. I, naive, thought it was the cold season that made me feel out of place and wanting to run away from everything, but now that it is no longer cold I feel spring attacks me, it attacks me. Of course I like the sun, of course I like flowers and leafy trees but I am allergic to pollen.

From the first day that the sun appeared I felt the energy that made my body vibrate, and after the second I noticed that sneezing was becoming more frequent and counted a week of the new season I visited the pharmacy twice and changed medicines the same occasions. Human nature is also very strange because allergic I have been all my life so I do not know why I am surprised or disappointed. It has always been the same, only this time it is now.

The mobiliaro for spring is characterized by being fresh and light. The 2form chair, designed by the American Daniel Bontrop, is built with two different types of thermo-molded wood. Its sculptural shape is ergonomically designed that provides magazine service under the seat. More information on the website