Those of us who do not have too much talent to be artists are fascinated with this type of work and demonstrations. It is not that I only know how to make the "O" with a joint, that is if I arrive, but do not ask me many more because nothing will come out with sense, although ... ... same as mine is abstract art. I do not know I'll think about it.

What are we going Fascinated I have been seeing these drawings. At first you think they are pretty illustrations made with paint on a white wall, and you love the beauty of the bodies drawn, muscular and defined and so you stay a while admiring and thinking for you because you are not able to do something like that.

I continue to advance in reading and suddenly my mind of reduced artistic talent reaches the total cataclysm. It is worth not knowing how to make drawings as nice but also do it with staples? This really was not expecting it. All and one of the details have been made with staples, with large upholstery staples imagined, to be able to dig into the wall.

They are a work of the artist Baptiste Debombourg who has managed to make these works of art placing nothing more and nothing less than 35.000 staples. The figures are inspired by mythology and Renaissance art, and the truth is that the bodies remind us a lot of "David" by Michelangelo, sculptor, architect and painter of the Renaissance, and in general the forms of Renaissance sculpture.

Its development led to its author 75 hours of arduous and meticulous work, certainly less than it took Michelangelo to make his famous David, but much less than it would take me to do only one hand.

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Further information: Baptiste Debombourg

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